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Friday, June 10, 2011

bed head. :( tired. :(

eek. im soooooooooooooo tired. :L i dont know why tho. :/ have ya ever slept in really late till like 12 noon and you'd expect to be all well rested and stuff but the exact opposite happens? ur like all exhausted and tired? it throws ur whole system out of whack or something..well im getting ready for alot of that feelin cos it summer and i have nothing better to do then sleep. :L :L
and since i sleep so late in the mornin i cant sleep at night. :L :L
so i took these funny pictures just to show how tired i actually am. :L

im sooo tired. :(

i look super crazy in this. :L :L

any way back to weight loss. :L
i need to have a goal. like just short term so i was thinking....
5 pounds by the end of june??
i think its do able. :L :L and i will suceed. :L:L

any way i think i better try and sleep a little. :L

Sunday, June 5, 2011

weight stats and NEW YORK!

its been ages since i posted a blog. i've been soooo busy this last month. i have just finished school and its now SUMMER. :D :D i had the most AMAZING year this year because i was in TRANSITION YEAR. :D transition year is an optional school yr. its basically a fun relaxed year. :D u dont get homework or test but there is the occasional project. its the most AMAZING year ever. we put on a play and it was a MASSIVE success. We raised thousands. :)  and me and 14 other girls from my year entered this competition called P.A.L which is public access to law so it was basically this mock trail competition and our team competed against 100s of other teams and guess what??? WE WON FIRST PLACE!!! and guess what the prize is.........................................

NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WE ARE GOING TO NEW YORK IN OCTOBER TO COMPETE IN THE INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just like in glee!!!!!!!!!!! cept bigger cos they already live in America so its not such a big deal but we live in ireland so its A MASSIVE DEAL!!!!
iim soooooooooooo excited for that.

and i was in italy this week on our school tour and it was FANTASTIC. VENICE IS SPECTACULAR!!! And so is lake garda and verona and florence. :D we went every where and did soooo much and venice is exactly like the movies! :D every building has beautiful architecture. and the canals and the bridges and GORGEOUS. :D the weather was fantastic and it was just such an amazing experience. :D i will never forget the gondola ride. :D sooo beautiful. :D

so now its summer and i unfortunately did NOT lose the weight for italy but its summer and im feeling motivated. :L :L im starting to think 21 pounds is an unrealistic goal and maybe i sud re think it...

and i realised ppl never actually knew my weight in the first place so here are my stats. :L im a brave girl for posting this...but i need motivation. :L

im pretty sure those measurements are correct..im just doing then from memory. rite now my b.m.i is in the healthy range but i would like to lower it to around 20 or 19. :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

circle lens give away.:)

eeek i love circle lenes(or whatever the plural is). :) i always see popteen models with them and its a gyaru must. and im a MASSIVE fan of kpop, I love SNSD and t-ara and t-aras qri is a huge fan of them.
qri is really pretty with them. :)

so anywho i really want a pair and if i found this awesome give away where u have the chance to win a pair of ur choice. :) cool huh? :)

and on a similar not(not really) f(x) have realeased their Danger m/v. Its amazing. :) victoria is the  reason i cut a fringe...and sulli looks sooo great in this m/v. i suggest u check it out. :)f(x) - danger m/v

AND if that isnt enough kpop awesomeness...SNSD have just a few hours ago realeased a dance ve;rsion of their long awaited japanese orginal single. :O :O the offical m/v will be realeased tomorrow. and their japanese version of Run Devil Run was also realeased a few weeks ago.

Snsd Mr Taxi

but the moral of this post is to enter that awesome give away. :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

crazy good. :P

okay today i was thinking hmm.. i wonder is losing the 2 pounds to good to be true so i hoped on the scales again and i have lost nearly 4 pounds now. i checked and i double checked i even tried a new scales and i took my measurements, i have lost
  • 2 inches from my waist
  • 1 inch from my thighs
  • 1.5 from my hips
  • and my fitness has improved.
see i took a fitness test 8 weeks ago and my fitness has improved a lot. :P
RICE CAKES AND GREEN TEA AND WATER IS THE KEY. hahaha nothing can stop me now. :L and i havent even been immensely strict i've had 3 whipped ice creams,cake, chocolate.... but i have been eating dramatically smaller dinners...not being unhealthy just i know when to stop now.


Thursday, March 31, 2011

2 pounds :)

ohh kicking off april with a good start and some motivation... jumped on the scales today and found that i had lost a little more then 2 pounds :) i was hoping i had lost a pound in that week but 2 was a shock. :) and i know what i did right..... RICE CAKES!!!!!!!!! hmm my auntie who is also on a diet said she had gotten this caramel rice cake things and that there was no fat, wheat or gluten in them and that they were only 26 cals a pop.....and they are yuuuuuuuuuummmy:) so instead of a donut...have a yummy rice cake....instead of chocolate ..have a yummy rice cake...
so really pleased and i really want to lose 8-9 pounds this april...then i will have hit 9 stone :) eeeeeeek that wud be awesome. ...9 st 13 but still 9 stone :)


Friday, March 18, 2011

eeek rebooth?

okay. well it was st patricks day yesterday .:P hehe but yesterday was a TRAGIC diet fail.. like so bad i couldnt even sleep thinking about it... i wont even post what i eat but just be aware ...it was bad....
i will prob gain a pound from that train wreck yesterdaay.... crap crapie crap crap....
well anywho.... best to shake it off and try again... my friend lost 3 pounds in 9 days.... im gona try that.... like really really hard.... em i will let u know how it goes... hopefully good.. but i have very high hopes for weight loss in aprill because i have that whole month off school and that means i have free time to workout and any sweets i want are unavailable. :P
and i just want to send my condolences to any one who was affected by the tragedy in japan. :( my thoughts are with u.

Monday, March 7, 2011

okay monday.

im rather pleased with to day. i had a big breckfest so i wasnt really hungry. i think im just going to rebooth and try again cos i wasnt really putting my all in and i have a reason now if any asks why i dont want chocolate it cos LENT is starting again and thats a big irish thing to give up something so.. everybody will be doing it. :)
  • a bowl of porridge with honey,cinnamon and bananas
  • 2 cereal bar
  • half a slice of brown bread with cheese
  • a bowl of carrots and peas
  • i grilled burger from the butcher.
  • a half an apple
em i had a few green teas in there but they actually help u lose weight so i wont add to my list needlessly. em that 1/2 an apple and brown bread isnt because i was all oooh cant eat anymore i just wasnt that hungry... GO PORRIDGE!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

diet tips

otay :) well im no expert (and never will i claim to be) but i've been looking up some stuff in diets and i have a few thoughts on some of the tips some websites give.
  • special k two week challenge
A hugely popular diet. manly because of the time line and the food choices... basically u eat a bowl of special k in the morning... one for lunch and then your dinner and u can have a special k snack inbetween.... i dont personally think this diet work.. because have u ever looked closely at the nutrition bar on the cereal box it around 130 cals with semi skimmed milk... not bad... till u realise thats a 30g portion.... have u ever measured out 30g? its nothing. u easily eat 70g of cereal in the morning... 30g will NEVER tide u over till lunch you'll just end up snacking.... and all the SUGARS in those bars is madness...
  • separate carbs and protein
to be honest i have no idea if this works or not but i find the whole think unnecessary like it so much effort and it could be soo simple. in my mind i think oh a chicken roll is no but if i eat the roll and then go eat the chicken its okay.. just eat what ya eat.. eat healthier and you'll lose weight and look better and u can keep it up... a health kick can last forever a diet only lasts a few weeks. the keeping protein separate is hard to keep up in every day life... like when ur out at a resturant... at school and ur mother make a sandwhich like.... it too hard and i've seen ppl try it and i didnt see a difference in them .
u cant separate carbs and protein forever. eat what u eat but healthier and in smaller portions. that diet is only gonna last a few weeks.. ya need to make subtle gradual changes to lose it and keep it off.

These are the things i think will work and im trying myself.
  • Tea
Im a fond tea drinker. i take my tea rather strong with a tiny bit of milk. so it has vitually no calories but i've been trying to swich eo green tea instead. because of all the antioxidants and green tea actually helps u burn fat. like by 120% or something mad like that. so green tea is a big yes. :)
  • brown bread
Personally i love the stuff and i dont get why ppl find it a big deal to swich over. white bread make u bloated and does nothing for u whereas brown bread fills u up cos off all that fibre.
  • SOUP!!!
Soup is a god send... maybe thats why asians are so slim... they eat soup a lot right? but soup fills u longer its been proven. an experiment carried out by the BBC . what they did was they gave 14 ppl a dinner of rice,chicken and vegetable and a glass of water and the other group had the same stuff but it was pureed to a soup using the water. they then used an ultrasound to look at ppls stomachs and the group that ate thE solid food stomach was empty after 3 hours and the soups stomach was still full after 5 hours.. so soup is the way forward...
  • Make brekkie the biggest meal
it keeps ya going for longer. :) so porridge is a good way to go.. try it with some honey, cinnamon and bananas... yummy.

obvs im no expert but i think the simpliest solution is always the best one... no fancy eating plans just water instead of coke, brown bread instead of white, tea instead of hot chocolate and salade instead of pizza and fish instead of steak...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


otay quick quick.
  • 1 small bowl of musli
  • a pot of fruit(6o cals-peaches in syrup)
  • a cereal bar
  • kiwi
  • a ham and cheese sandwhich
  • an apple
  • a apple turnover
  • a biscuit bar
  • a small bowl of pasta
otay well i would have been pleased with today but damn that pastry and bar! that was 300 cals extra... but i think i kept in under 1400 cals... everything was in very small portions... promise... oh and i lost another 1/4 pound... but i hear ppl lose 3pounds a week healthly... might go strong on the cut backs next monday...


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


kk well i didnt really stick to yesterdays plan but heres what i did do anyway.
  • 2 slices of brown bread with butter (not a lot i promise)
  • a small glass of smoothie (108 cals)*
  • a cereal bar
  • smoothie*
  • a roll (one of those hotdog rolls) with breaded chicken*
  • microwave popcorn (500 cals)
  • a small bowl of jelly*
  • 2 slices of brown bread with cheese
  • kiwi
annoyed with that.... i hadnt realized i had eaten do shit... those stupid packs of smoothie was more then 300 cals extra... and that chicken roll... i was working in the shop in school and they offer free food to ppl who work there.... i wont give in tomorrow.... i put stars at the things i will not eat tomorrow...
haa the popcorn was my dinner and i wasnt going to make anything... :L

Monday, February 28, 2011

28/02/11 Food intake and plan :)

otay :) well im back at school now and my eating pattern is different at school.. im genrally hungier at school rather then at home..... otay well this morning i ate..
  • 2 slices of brown bread with jam
  • 1 small glass of smoothie
for little lunch i ate
  • 2 meatballs(i had home.ec and we were cooking and i had to try some)
  • a cereal bar (only 70 cals and it was yummy)
for big lunch
  • 1 and a half slices of brown bread with cheese
  • 1 biscuit bar (108 cals i checked)
  • juice
for dinner
  •  1 small off bowl Mediterranean chicken
  • 1 small bowl of jelly :)
and there is what i was nom nomming on today. i think im going to make more gradual changes like obvs the meatballs arent normally there but the biscuit bar im gonna swap for a cereal bar and eventually fruit. and the juice is healthy but water is good to so i might swap that to tomorrow. i might have a kiwi later on tonight.. i hear they are a low cal fruit. the chicken thing i had today i had a very small portion.. i ate less then a side plate of it.
  • if u start eating food off a side plate instead of a large plate you eat 30% less per week.
i might do i plan of what im going to eat tomorrow and see if i can keep to it.
  • my usual brown bread with jam
  • a cereal bar
  • sandwhich and cereal bar
  • water instead of juice
  • a kiwi
  • and whatever dinner is but smaller portions....
i will change that gradually better but im reluctant to change what i eat at dinner... im campaigning for healthier food like mam wanted to make spagetti bolagnase yesterday but i got her to try something healthier.
i think it snacking that brings me down and my exercise and activities level. i dont eat junk food often at all. like a pizza on fridays but i only ever eat a slice.. its all i ever want normally.
sweets is my downfall... i will slowly cut them out and make them back into what they are meant to be ... treats...


Sunday, February 27, 2011

good news :) and the reason

okay well its kinda good news.. like the earths not gonna move or anything but... i'v lost 1/2 a pound..... *cue drums and marching band* VICTORY DANCE!! well not yet but..... ya know.... im on my way.... imagine if i do manage to lose 21 pounds..... its my aim but .
ya know i never explained my reason for wanting to lose weight well dim the lights and cue the violins...
see i;ve ALWAYS been chubby... when i was 12/13 though i was faaaaaatt like i have no idea how its possible to eat THAT much and not be clinically obese. i was constantly ravenous. i dont know if i lost weight but i defo grew. im 5'7 now and i am 10 st 10. :0 shock horror! and i want to be 9 st.
this year as part as my transition yr in school we are going to italy and i want to wear cool shorts and bikinis with confidence. and i also may be going to canada to visit my relatives there that i have never seen before(my mother is from canada) so they have never seen my before well as a grown up(kinda) well teenager and i want to impress them for my mother. my mother was teeny tiny when she was my age up until her 30's she was only 7st. and it wasnt she was unhealty it was just her build. so i feel i need to ... well not live up to it but i dont want their physical impression of me to be "oh yeah she's pretty but chubby" i dont want them to go "oh wow shes skinny" i dont want my weight to be a factor or an issue with ppl anymore.  i want them to notice my big lips... not my bulging stomach... my thick, long hair.. not my thunder thighs... i do have things going for my but i feel my weight is crushing all my assets and preventing new ones....
i hate that boys NEVER seem to notice me.. i hate the way my younger trouble making brother calls my fattie EVERY SINGLE TIME i step into the room....
i just dont want my weight to be on my mind any more... i feel like its crushing all thats good about me and slowing me down... i want to be lighter basically.
soooo my goal is to lose the weigth and the worrys.... i know its awful and an unhealthy way of thinking but if i was slimmer i would be happier...
dont worry though i enjoy food too much to go anorexic on yas.

27/02/11 food intake :)

okay well its around 5 and the reason i am posting this so early is beacause if i eat i have to come up stairs and edit this and thats such effort.... my laziness might help this diet....
  • 2 slices of brown bread and one boiled egg
  • 1 bowl of vegetable soup and 2 slicews of plain brown bread
  • 3 mini spring rolls
  • 4 marshmallows. :)
 and i hope that to add to that list. :) rather pleased with that. spring rolls had prob been fried but i gave most of mine away to my friends cos i would have felt ashamed saying i had eaten 5.
ohh i went shopping and i got some kiwis and some jelly. cos i have a sweet tooth and i keep on eating penny sweets and jelly is mostly water and has very little calories so. i will make one packet of it and keep that a week.... unless some one eats it on me.....


ooh and ya know whats sooo cool. ive had this blog like 4 days and it sooo amazin to see where all u guys come from like 5 views from japan!!! thats mental. canada,netherlands,sweden,spain,usa . i think its awesome. and 3 followers. :)  4 days and 3 followers. im happy. and i LOVE u followers. :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

25/2/11 party fail... kinda.

today wasnt a good day in diet terms normally but a good day in party diet terms....
heres what i ate.
  • 2 slices of brown bread with toast
  • 1 piece of breaded plaic with a small portion of rice and peas
  • a plate of rice and curry (party)
  • a small piece of cake(i promise it was small and they had put it on a plate and all so i cudnt say no)
  • 7 malteasers
  • 4 jelly snakes
  • 2 small glasses of fanta
  • 1 small glass of 7up
hmm it was defo a bad day for diets but it was a party .... and i was starving...
but i dont know about tomorrow either cos im not even at my house for most of the day and how do u diet when ur some ones guest like u hardly bring ur own little bag of celery sticks to tide u over 4 2 days...
i will do my best and on monday i will be back at school and i  will have full contro; of what i eat....

Friday, February 25, 2011

dublin haul. :P

well ya know something good has to come from all that over indulging i did. :)
i got some super cute stuff in forever 21. I adore that shop. its the only shop i go to and want to get at least 3 things every time. A little visit to boots and river island and we have a brilliant and productive day :)
hmm lets start with the cheap up to the investments
  1. aussie 3 minute miracle lusciuos long deep treatment(2nd from the left)
  2. some sort of comb... keke :L
  3. revlon lipgloss in coral reef.
  4. L'oreal volume million lashes
  5. Vichy normaderm
now on to the proper stuff :)
  • its a really pretty floral dress from forever 21. it looks like a skirt but its really shorts :) i really like the frill on it.
hmm im sleepy. i shall post the rest tomorrow. :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

24/02/2011 diet fail :(

geez two days in and it a diet fail. :( well here is my excuse i was out shopping in dublin city centre and well ya know how it goes...
  • a medium sized bowl of porridge with 2 teaspoons of sugar (im not gonna stop the sugar/honey thing, it just gross tasting otherwise)
  • a cappicino
  • houmous and cucumber and pitta breads fingers(yummy)
  • bouillabouise(a king prawn and cod soup thing, around 300 cals)
  • french lemonade
  • 4 bites of  mams chocolate cake.... maybe 5....
  • some penny sweets
  • 1  mini cupcake
  • 1 fanta
  • 2 biscuits
when its written down ya realise how crappy u were eating.... so this is a  diet FAIL But we shall continue on better!! NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!!
it wud have been an okay day if i hadnt got those last 5 objects....like that was 600 calories i didnt need ... :(
i dont know what i will do about tomorrow because i am going to a party :0!
Eat before u go. Fill up on any yummy healthy food before going.
i recommend keeping a food journal because u can forget what had eaten before the end of the night and when ur diet fails u will be like "what did i do wrong?" its the little things.. like that mini cupcake it seemed like no big deal either did those biscuits. it just when u see how little they seem but how much they matter that u go "well maybe not next time. they arent even that nice anyway.."

soo first diet fail so early on too.. but its better i realise this mistake early before i run out of time..


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

23/02/11 food intake

kk well here is my first day.... maaa it could have been better
altogether i ate
  • 2 slices of white bread with butter
  • a 250ml glass of smoothie
  • a boiled egg
  • a slice of white bread
  • some penny sweets
  • and a small bowl of pasta bake
not that great... i need to do some more exercises.... im off now to skip my heart out. :)

fat fighting!!!

make up!!

if there is one thing i cant live without it would be either my ipod or my make up and i  dont pick make up for a super fical reason either. there is something so calming and creative about make up..
i wake up in the mornings and spend ten minutes doing my hair and make up(i dont think ten mins is a lot considering that includes washing teeth and getting dressed and stuff) but i spend those ten mins doing that not because i feel i have to but because i want to.
Make up is something i throughly enjoy doing and i love to talk about make up in depth wit ppl, not just the actual quality of the make up but the packaging and even the marketing scheme.
some of my favourite make up products right now are

  • benefit posietint. it gives a beautiful pale pink flush. gorgeous on lips and cheeks
  • Max factor masterpiece mascara.
  • Bourjois healthy mix foundation. I neutral tone foundation neither yeloow or pink tone. so will flatter most. semi matte so is radiant but not shiny and is long lasting so no need for a powder
  • Urban decay primer potion.
  • Smashbox wish for the perfect pallete. Literally has everything and is amaving quality too.

- best product evar!!

Hope u guys enjoyed this quick little blog. :) thanks and comment and follow. means the world to me. :)

Eeeeek. :) i've never had a blog before... im a blog virgin one might say :L hehe.
Down to the nitty gritty ( yes i did just use that phrase... i also use words like teenypopy, hoo raa and tomm pee.. my  mother is canadian and this is her influence on me...)
i want to lose around a stone and a half(21 pounds) for early may.....
so this is to keep me motivated.... cos who is more brutal  then netizens right.... that is if any one ever even sees this blog.... its more for my benefit
i shall add an unflattering picture now...

yep... look at me... shopping in a wear....

so now the plan of action...
  • well i heard that if u keep drinking water then u insure that whatever weight u have lost if fat and that just water weight, so a big glass every hour until i reach 8 glasses.
  • no eating after 7! unless i really have no other choice like if im out of something.
  • eat biggest meal at brekkie...
  • eats lots of teeny tiny meals...
  • and keep it under 1200 calories...
  • no coke or minerals
  • must exercise... skipping and sprinting is what im doing
  • and keep a food diary..... and this is it, :)
so guys..... gonna help me??? :)