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Sunday, March 6, 2011

diet tips

otay :) well im no expert (and never will i claim to be) but i've been looking up some stuff in diets and i have a few thoughts on some of the tips some websites give.
  • special k two week challenge
A hugely popular diet. manly because of the time line and the food choices... basically u eat a bowl of special k in the morning... one for lunch and then your dinner and u can have a special k snack inbetween.... i dont personally think this diet work.. because have u ever looked closely at the nutrition bar on the cereal box it around 130 cals with semi skimmed milk... not bad... till u realise thats a 30g portion.... have u ever measured out 30g? its nothing. u easily eat 70g of cereal in the morning... 30g will NEVER tide u over till lunch you'll just end up snacking.... and all the SUGARS in those bars is madness...
  • separate carbs and protein
to be honest i have no idea if this works or not but i find the whole think unnecessary like it so much effort and it could be soo simple. in my mind i think oh a chicken roll is no but if i eat the roll and then go eat the chicken its okay.. just eat what ya eat.. eat healthier and you'll lose weight and look better and u can keep it up... a health kick can last forever a diet only lasts a few weeks. the keeping protein separate is hard to keep up in every day life... like when ur out at a resturant... at school and ur mother make a sandwhich like.... it too hard and i've seen ppl try it and i didnt see a difference in them .
u cant separate carbs and protein forever. eat what u eat but healthier and in smaller portions. that diet is only gonna last a few weeks.. ya need to make subtle gradual changes to lose it and keep it off.

These are the things i think will work and im trying myself.
  • Tea
Im a fond tea drinker. i take my tea rather strong with a tiny bit of milk. so it has vitually no calories but i've been trying to swich eo green tea instead. because of all the antioxidants and green tea actually helps u burn fat. like by 120% or something mad like that. so green tea is a big yes. :)
  • brown bread
Personally i love the stuff and i dont get why ppl find it a big deal to swich over. white bread make u bloated and does nothing for u whereas brown bread fills u up cos off all that fibre.
  • SOUP!!!
Soup is a god send... maybe thats why asians are so slim... they eat soup a lot right? but soup fills u longer its been proven. an experiment carried out by the BBC . what they did was they gave 14 ppl a dinner of rice,chicken and vegetable and a glass of water and the other group had the same stuff but it was pureed to a soup using the water. they then used an ultrasound to look at ppls stomachs and the group that ate thE solid food stomach was empty after 3 hours and the soups stomach was still full after 5 hours.. so soup is the way forward...
  • Make brekkie the biggest meal
it keeps ya going for longer. :) so porridge is a good way to go.. try it with some honey, cinnamon and bananas... yummy.

obvs im no expert but i think the simpliest solution is always the best one... no fancy eating plans just water instead of coke, brown bread instead of white, tea instead of hot chocolate and salade instead of pizza and fish instead of steak...

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