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Monday, March 7, 2011

okay monday.

im rather pleased with to day. i had a big breckfest so i wasnt really hungry. i think im just going to rebooth and try again cos i wasnt really putting my all in and i have a reason now if any asks why i dont want chocolate it cos LENT is starting again and thats a big irish thing to give up something so.. everybody will be doing it. :)
  • a bowl of porridge with honey,cinnamon and bananas
  • 2 cereal bar
  • half a slice of brown bread with cheese
  • a bowl of carrots and peas
  • i grilled burger from the butcher.
  • a half an apple
em i had a few green teas in there but they actually help u lose weight so i wont add to my list needlessly. em that 1/2 an apple and brown bread isnt because i was all oooh cant eat anymore i just wasnt that hungry... GO PORRIDGE!!

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