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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


kk well i didnt really stick to yesterdays plan but heres what i did do anyway.
  • 2 slices of brown bread with butter (not a lot i promise)
  • a small glass of smoothie (108 cals)*
  • a cereal bar
  • smoothie*
  • a roll (one of those hotdog rolls) with breaded chicken*
  • microwave popcorn (500 cals)
  • a small bowl of jelly*
  • 2 slices of brown bread with cheese
  • kiwi
annoyed with that.... i hadnt realized i had eaten do shit... those stupid packs of smoothie was more then 300 cals extra... and that chicken roll... i was working in the shop in school and they offer free food to ppl who work there.... i wont give in tomorrow.... i put stars at the things i will not eat tomorrow...
haa the popcorn was my dinner and i wasnt going to make anything... :L

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