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Friday, March 18, 2011

eeek rebooth?

okay. well it was st patricks day yesterday .:P hehe but yesterday was a TRAGIC diet fail.. like so bad i couldnt even sleep thinking about it... i wont even post what i eat but just be aware ...it was bad....
i will prob gain a pound from that train wreck yesterdaay.... crap crapie crap crap....
well anywho.... best to shake it off and try again... my friend lost 3 pounds in 9 days.... im gona try that.... like really really hard.... em i will let u know how it goes... hopefully good.. but i have very high hopes for weight loss in aprill because i have that whole month off school and that means i have free time to workout and any sweets i want are unavailable. :P
and i just want to send my condolences to any one who was affected by the tragedy in japan. :( my thoughts are with u.

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