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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

circle lens give away.:)

eeek i love circle lenes(or whatever the plural is). :) i always see popteen models with them and its a gyaru must. and im a MASSIVE fan of kpop, I love SNSD and t-ara and t-aras qri is a huge fan of them.
qri is really pretty with them. :)

so anywho i really want a pair and if i found this awesome give away where u have the chance to win a pair of ur choice. :) cool huh? :)

and on a similar not(not really) f(x) have realeased their Danger m/v. Its amazing. :) victoria is the  reason i cut a fringe...and sulli looks sooo great in this m/v. i suggest u check it out. :)f(x) - danger m/v

AND if that isnt enough kpop awesomeness...SNSD have just a few hours ago realeased a dance ve;rsion of their long awaited japanese orginal single. :O :O the offical m/v will be realeased tomorrow. and their japanese version of Run Devil Run was also realeased a few weeks ago.

Snsd Mr Taxi

but the moral of this post is to enter that awesome give away. :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

crazy good. :P

okay today i was thinking hmm.. i wonder is losing the 2 pounds to good to be true so i hoped on the scales again and i have lost nearly 4 pounds now. i checked and i double checked i even tried a new scales and i took my measurements, i have lost
  • 2 inches from my waist
  • 1 inch from my thighs
  • 1.5 from my hips
  • and my fitness has improved.
see i took a fitness test 8 weeks ago and my fitness has improved a lot. :P
RICE CAKES AND GREEN TEA AND WATER IS THE KEY. hahaha nothing can stop me now. :L and i havent even been immensely strict i've had 3 whipped ice creams,cake, chocolate.... but i have been eating dramatically smaller dinners...not being unhealthy just i know when to stop now.