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Monday, February 28, 2011

28/02/11 Food intake and plan :)

otay :) well im back at school now and my eating pattern is different at school.. im genrally hungier at school rather then at home..... otay well this morning i ate..
  • 2 slices of brown bread with jam
  • 1 small glass of smoothie
for little lunch i ate
  • 2 meatballs(i had home.ec and we were cooking and i had to try some)
  • a cereal bar (only 70 cals and it was yummy)
for big lunch
  • 1 and a half slices of brown bread with cheese
  • 1 biscuit bar (108 cals i checked)
  • juice
for dinner
  •  1 small off bowl Mediterranean chicken
  • 1 small bowl of jelly :)
and there is what i was nom nomming on today. i think im going to make more gradual changes like obvs the meatballs arent normally there but the biscuit bar im gonna swap for a cereal bar and eventually fruit. and the juice is healthy but water is good to so i might swap that to tomorrow. i might have a kiwi later on tonight.. i hear they are a low cal fruit. the chicken thing i had today i had a very small portion.. i ate less then a side plate of it.
  • if u start eating food off a side plate instead of a large plate you eat 30% less per week.
i might do i plan of what im going to eat tomorrow and see if i can keep to it.
  • my usual brown bread with jam
  • a cereal bar
  • sandwhich and cereal bar
  • water instead of juice
  • a kiwi
  • and whatever dinner is but smaller portions....
i will change that gradually better but im reluctant to change what i eat at dinner... im campaigning for healthier food like mam wanted to make spagetti bolagnase yesterday but i got her to try something healthier.
i think it snacking that brings me down and my exercise and activities level. i dont eat junk food often at all. like a pizza on fridays but i only ever eat a slice.. its all i ever want normally.
sweets is my downfall... i will slowly cut them out and make them back into what they are meant to be ... treats...


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