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Saturday, February 26, 2011

25/2/11 party fail... kinda.

today wasnt a good day in diet terms normally but a good day in party diet terms....
heres what i ate.
  • 2 slices of brown bread with toast
  • 1 piece of breaded plaic with a small portion of rice and peas
  • a plate of rice and curry (party)
  • a small piece of cake(i promise it was small and they had put it on a plate and all so i cudnt say no)
  • 7 malteasers
  • 4 jelly snakes
  • 2 small glasses of fanta
  • 1 small glass of 7up
hmm it was defo a bad day for diets but it was a party .... and i was starving...
but i dont know about tomorrow either cos im not even at my house for most of the day and how do u diet when ur some ones guest like u hardly bring ur own little bag of celery sticks to tide u over 4 2 days...
i will do my best and on monday i will be back at school and i  will have full contro; of what i eat....

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