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Thursday, February 24, 2011

24/02/2011 diet fail :(

geez two days in and it a diet fail. :( well here is my excuse i was out shopping in dublin city centre and well ya know how it goes...
  • a medium sized bowl of porridge with 2 teaspoons of sugar (im not gonna stop the sugar/honey thing, it just gross tasting otherwise)
  • a cappicino
  • houmous and cucumber and pitta breads fingers(yummy)
  • bouillabouise(a king prawn and cod soup thing, around 300 cals)
  • french lemonade
  • 4 bites of  mams chocolate cake.... maybe 5....
  • some penny sweets
  • 1  mini cupcake
  • 1 fanta
  • 2 biscuits
when its written down ya realise how crappy u were eating.... so this is a  diet FAIL But we shall continue on better!! NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!!
it wud have been an okay day if i hadnt got those last 5 objects....like that was 600 calories i didnt need ... :(
i dont know what i will do about tomorrow because i am going to a party :0!
Eat before u go. Fill up on any yummy healthy food before going.
i recommend keeping a food journal because u can forget what had eaten before the end of the night and when ur diet fails u will be like "what did i do wrong?" its the little things.. like that mini cupcake it seemed like no big deal either did those biscuits. it just when u see how little they seem but how much they matter that u go "well maybe not next time. they arent even that nice anyway.."

soo first diet fail so early on too.. but its better i realise this mistake early before i run out of time..



  1. HA AND I JUST realised that i broke a big rule that i even put in capitals in the first blog. NO CAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!
    damn.... or minerals.... double damn....

  2. Haha dw I slipped on my diet today too! I ate crackers and chocolate.. a lot too..