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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

make up!!

if there is one thing i cant live without it would be either my ipod or my make up and i  dont pick make up for a super fical reason either. there is something so calming and creative about make up..
i wake up in the mornings and spend ten minutes doing my hair and make up(i dont think ten mins is a lot considering that includes washing teeth and getting dressed and stuff) but i spend those ten mins doing that not because i feel i have to but because i want to.
Make up is something i throughly enjoy doing and i love to talk about make up in depth wit ppl, not just the actual quality of the make up but the packaging and even the marketing scheme.
some of my favourite make up products right now are

  • benefit posietint. it gives a beautiful pale pink flush. gorgeous on lips and cheeks
  • Max factor masterpiece mascara.
  • Bourjois healthy mix foundation. I neutral tone foundation neither yeloow or pink tone. so will flatter most. semi matte so is radiant but not shiny and is long lasting so no need for a powder
  • Urban decay primer potion.
  • Smashbox wish for the perfect pallete. Literally has everything and is amaving quality too.

- best product evar!!

Hope u guys enjoyed this quick little blog. :) thanks and comment and follow. means the world to me. :)

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