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Friday, February 25, 2011

dublin haul. :P

well ya know something good has to come from all that over indulging i did. :)
i got some super cute stuff in forever 21. I adore that shop. its the only shop i go to and want to get at least 3 things every time. A little visit to boots and river island and we have a brilliant and productive day :)
hmm lets start with the cheap up to the investments
  1. aussie 3 minute miracle lusciuos long deep treatment(2nd from the left)
  2. some sort of comb... keke :L
  3. revlon lipgloss in coral reef.
  4. L'oreal volume million lashes
  5. Vichy normaderm
now on to the proper stuff :)
  • its a really pretty floral dress from forever 21. it looks like a skirt but its really shorts :) i really like the frill on it.
hmm im sleepy. i shall post the rest tomorrow. :)

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