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Friday, June 10, 2011

bed head. :( tired. :(

eek. im soooooooooooooo tired. :L i dont know why tho. :/ have ya ever slept in really late till like 12 noon and you'd expect to be all well rested and stuff but the exact opposite happens? ur like all exhausted and tired? it throws ur whole system out of whack or something..well im getting ready for alot of that feelin cos it summer and i have nothing better to do then sleep. :L :L
and since i sleep so late in the mornin i cant sleep at night. :L :L
so i took these funny pictures just to show how tired i actually am. :L

im sooo tired. :(

i look super crazy in this. :L :L

any way back to weight loss. :L
i need to have a goal. like just short term so i was thinking....
5 pounds by the end of june??
i think its do able. :L :L and i will suceed. :L:L

any way i think i better try and sleep a little. :L

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